Auditions and what the process looks like

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Auditions and what the process looks like

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We wanted to share with you auditions some of our clients went through recently to give an insight to those looking to get representation with KL Management.

It’s a tough industry and if you’re considering starting down the pathway of gaining an agent and attending castings and auditions you should be prepared for lots of “no’s” before you get that golden “yes”. 

KL recently submitted 5 girls to audition for the Birmingham Hippodrome leg of the UK tour of Les Miserables recently and had some big success

All 5 got asked for auditions with a leading children’s casting director. They were looking for 3 teams of 2 to play Young Eponine and Young Cosette. We were of course very excited for them as it was a huge opportunity. 

For their auditions they had to learn Castle on a Cloud. 

Unfortunately their first auditions got cancelled due to the weather warnings! This was a bit of a worry for one of the girls as she was already at the height limit so was trying not to grow! 

Over 100 young hopefuls were invited for auditions which is daunting and exciting all mixed into one when you are 7 years old.

The 2 youngest ones didn’t get a recall but at just 7 years of age they were the youngest there and just enjoyed the whole experience! We always express how fantastic it is for these young people to gain the experience of a professional audition process, it is so valuable and really helps them to grow as performers. 

3 of the 5 girls got down to the last 14. 

Unfortunately this was the end of the journey for one of them. 

The last 2 girls were now in the final 8 and the wonderful part was the 3 other girls who had been unsuccessful stayed at the auditions to support their friends! We were so proud of them for this. 

Finally after an agonising final hour of the audition the girls were released and told they would hear in 48 hours!

KL Management didn’t have to wait that long though as they woke up the next morning to the amazing news that both girls had been cast!

KL Management are very proud to represent a Young Eponine and a Young Cosette.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss auditions or representation further.

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